Saturday, July 7, 2012

'Be Christ in the World' a Key Message

Anne Mulqueen, OFS
"Secular Franciscans are Christ in the world."

And "just do it".

That was how Quinquennial co-chair Clare McCluggage, OFS, summed up the messages of some of the presenters at the 18th "Q". International Councilor Anne Mulqueen, OFS, spoke those words on behalf of Clare, who was ill, during the morning session on Saturday, July 7, the final full day of the conference.

She charged attendees to do some quiet prayer and reflection and then meet in small "fraternities" to address such thought-provoking questions as "what are we called to be as Secular Franciscans" and "what would the order look like if we were doing everything right".

Fr. Armando Trujillo-Cano, TOR, interpreted for
General Minister Encarnita del Pozo.

But before Anne discharged them to their assignment, General Minister Encarnita del Pozo took to the podium to say goodbye and offer a few thoughts of her own.

"I'm thankful for sharing these five days of my life with you," she said… "You, my brothers and sisters, are the reason for my service…I have experienced very strong moments" at the Q.

She noted: "Christ gave Francis a mission to rebuild the church. In today's world the church is also falling apart." In our secular state of life, "we are called to repair, to rebuild…in everything we do." For example, "we rebuild the church when we accompany those in pain and suffering… we rebuild the church when we listen to our brothers and sisters."

Gen. Min. Encarnita del Pozo, OFS
She was greeted by applause when she mentioned that "you have (Secular Franciscan) brothers and sisters in 113 countries," and reminded everyone:

"His love for us should turn into love for Him, and for one another."

"Who are we?" she asked. "We are for God. We are for church. We are for society. We are for one another…"

"We are to live the Gospel in FRA-TER-NI-TY," she emphasized, sparking rousing applause.

Then she sang a short Spanish ballad in which she said "goodbye with her heart, but not with her soul," which is now with U.S. Secular Franciscans.

She left the stage to a standing ovation.