Tuesday, November 26, 2019

'An Experience of a Lifetime'

Boasting a “Jubilee” theme, the 20th Quinquennial Congress in August 2021 celebrates the JUBILEE of the eighth centenary of the OFS and the 100th anniversary of the National Quinquennial Congresses, reported Q Committee Chair Susan Simeone, OFS.

“The ‘Q’ is an experience of a lifetime” for “our OFS brothers and sisters,” she noted.

She announced the official Q 2021 prayer:

Lord God, Heavenly Father, we come before you in awe of your love for us. 
We acknowledge Your divine seed in everyone. 
Through your merciful compassion, help us to see our need for conversion. 
In our service to each other let us experience this time of JUBILEE! 
We walk the path before us upon foundations laid by our brothers and sisters. 
We are thankful for our present and excited for our future, always believing that You, O Lord, guide our journey. AMEN