Monday, February 1, 2016

Q Tip: How to Help

Q graphic
Be a pray-er. Pray for the success of the “Q” and for all those working behind the scenes to make it “great”.

Be an encourager. If members of your fraternity would like to come to the Q but are hesitant, let them know what a wonderful family reunion it will be. If they need financial assistance, encourage them to apply for a scholarship (at right). 

Be a thinker. Think of ways your local or regional fraternity can help a professed member or candidate get to the Q.

Be a helper. Our Rule and General Constitutions give us guidance, of course, but most importantly, we recognize that we’re family … and, when possible, family helps family. The scholarship fund is one way; sponsorship of a sister or brother from your local or regional fraternity is another. There may be countless other ways only YOU can think of. Of course, individual contributions to enhance the scholarship fund would be most welcome and can be sent to our National Treasurer, Jerry Rouseau, OFS, 82 Kim Street, Blairsville, GA 30512, who will provide a very specific and detailed accounting of all funds received and used for this purpose.